Teja-S17 Red Chili Powder

Teja or S17 is one of the hottest varieties of red chilies produced in India. The chili is known and liked across the country for its fierce hot flavor and rich aroma. Southern India is the main region of Teja or S17 red chili production. The popularity of Teja dried red chilies crosses all boundaries as spice lovers all over the world are fond of this red chili variant because of its hot tingling taste and eye-watering peppery flavor.

Are you looking to import Conventional Teja-S17 Red Chili Powder from India?

We can supply Teja/S17 Red Chili Powder as per product specification and export standards.

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Product Specification

Country of Origin: India

Sensory Parameters
Colour: Red
Taste: Typical, characteristic

Physicochemical Parameters
Style: Dried
Flavour: High Spicy
Pungency in SHU: 75000 to 100000 (Heat)
Colour in ASTA: 40 to 60% (Max.)
Length: 5 to 6mm (Max.)
Breath: 0.80 to 1.30 (Max.)
Skin: Thin
Capsaicin: 0.50 to 0.70% (Max.)
Pods with Stalks: 1% (Max.)
Broken Chilies: 2% (Max.)
Loose Seeds: 1% (Max.)
Damaged & Discoloured Pods: 1% (Max.)
Foreign Material: 1% (Max.)
Moisture: 14% (Max.)

Packing Available: 5Kg, 10Kg, 15Kg, 20Kg, 40Kg
Packing Material: PP Bag, HDPE Laminated Bag, Pouch Bag
Also Available in: Powder

Food Safety:
As per product specification and food standards.

Samples = Available on Request
We package our own labels as well as private-label. Product standards and customer specifications available on request.
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